Powers and Symbols over time — Fontevraud Abbey


POWERS is a reflection that attempts to paint different keyframes related to representation of power through the prism of change.


Echoing Fontevraud Abbey which from an Abbey became a prison and nowadays is a cultural center, the exhibition focuses on key moments in history when codes and symbols appear, disappear or reappear.




Only princes may wear velvet and gold braid.


The great Dragon. The old Snake.


Hominem te esse. You, also, are only human.


Worship what you have destroyed. Destroy what you have worshipped.


I am the Alpha and the Omega, the one who is, who always was and who is still to come.


I wish to be buried at Fontevraud Abbey.


A woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars.


Who has no coat of arms wears a lion.


The arms of 36 Abbesses who led the abbey are transformed in animating. To carry codes of abandoned heraldry in France following the revolution in a current universe close to advertising or video clip resonates with wall painting of the chapter house.

julesjulien_fontevraud_04_Klavers 2.gif
julesjulien_fontevraud_06_Moons 2.gif
julesjulien_fontevraud_08_Swords 2.gif
julesjulien_fontevraud_10_Lion&Sun 2.gif
julesjulien_fontevraud_15_Scarfs 2.gif
julesjulien_fontevraud_12_Flowers 2.gif
julesjulien_fontevraud_13_IceCubes 2.gif
julesjulien_fontevraud_17_3dstripes 2.gif
julesjulien_fontevraud_18_Crown 2.gif
julesjulien_fontevraud_19_4Birds 2.gif
julesjulien_fontevraud_20_Pinball 2.gif
julesjulien_fontevraud_24_FlowerTurn 2.gif
julesjulien_fontevraud_27_Maria 2.gif
julesjulien_fontevraud_30 Tower 2.gif
julesjulien_fontevraud_26_Splashes 2.gif

Motion design by Jurriaan Hos  — Photos by Armel Duval
Solo show curated by Emmanuel Morin, France 2015.